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IAS Gallery Artist Benefits Include:

  • Sell your artwork online with low commission rates
  • International exposure in 50+ states & 100+ countries
  • Biography posted for all artists
  • Opportunity to be a featured artist
  • SEO optimized gallery pages and artwork images
  • SEO & high-ranking internet search engine listings
  • Assistance with creating giclée limited editions


The International Art Store (IAS) is a new online art gallery that sells artwork created by artists from all over the world. We have created this gallery to help artists by elevating their exposure to an international level.

Worldwide Exposure: Every artist needs exposure to grow and succeed, and artists can never have too much exposure. The more exposure an artist has, the more buyers of fine art will recognize the importance of the artist. The International Art Store offers worldwide exposure on the sale of all artwork. The IAS Gallery is available for international buyers and galleries across the globe to view 24 hours a day.

Non-Typical Website: The International Art Store is a buyer focused website, rather than artist focused. Our focus is on fine art sales and international artist recognition. We have combined the best of the online arts community with state-of-the-art tools, which we have developed in-house, to give our artists the edge in promoting their art. IAS may look like every other online art gallery, but it's NOT.

Hand-Coded Web Pages vs. Database-Generated Pages: All of the pages in our gallery are REAL HAND CODED PAGES. The IAS Webmaster actually composes all of the galleries BY HAND (this is why the IAS site looks so elegant). This is not a WordPress blog like 90% of your competition's "websites".

Most of the galleries that you see on the Internet are actually generated by a database (you can tell because most pages that are generated by a database have question marks in their addresses). Generated pages all look the same except for the titles and the images, which are pulled out of the database. Why would a gallery want to generate pages? Because with generated pages, they don't have to do any work. If we thought that you could get the best results by marketing with generated pages, we would just create a database for all the artists of the world and let them run it themselves without having to pay any gallery fees. But the truth is: a database just can't market your artwork. A database can only store information (typically entered and maintained by the artists themselves) and display it when it is called upon.

The International Art Store is implementing a very special hand-coded database; BUT we will not rely on it to code your gallery pages for you. The IAS Webmaster is not only a master of data-storage (like the database driven galleries), he is a master of marketing and digital imaging as well. A database can't tell if the crop is bad on your images, or if there is a gramatical error in the description; and a database can't market your artwork like the International Art Store does.

Marketing: Many artists put so much time and energy into creating their artwork that they are often too busy to market their art as effectively as they would like to. The International Art Store can take some of the responsibility of marketing and promoting the artist and their art, leaving the artist with more time to do what they do best (creating more artwork). We also market directly to galleries and collectors around the world.

Search-Engine for Artwork: The International Art Store is implementing a very special hand-coded search-engine (that we are developing specifically for the gallery) to allow buyers to find exactly what they are looking for - faster. Your artwork will be part of a powerful online international art database.

eCommerce: People from all over the world will be able to view and instantly purchase your artwork through the IAS web site. The International Art Store can take live orders via check or credit card online; so when buyers are viewing your artwork, they have the option to purchase it without leaving their living room, and with the artists still painting (uninterupted) in their studios.

Low Commission Fees: Our fees and commissions are intended to be easily affordable by artists of all classes: 10% charged on sales (compared to 40%-60% in most local art galleries).

Art Postings: The International Art Store prepares and posts images of artwork onto our site thus minimizing your time and efforts. The IAS Webmaster is a master of digital imaging, so you will have no worries about how your images will look online. This is much different than the approach of uploading as-is to a database that only sees it as an image file with a record number. We have even taken digital photos for some local artists that do not have the proper equipment to have their digital images created.

Major Search Engines: The International Art Store has designed our site to submit your gallery directly to all of the major search engines in the world (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask). Our submissions are routed to hundreds of international search engines. You will get a search engine listing for every piece of artwork that you display in the IAS Gallery, in addition to a listing for your artist biography page. Your gallery will also be accessible from the IAS Gallery, The International Art Store, and from the International Art Search Database.

World-Class Non-Exclusive Site: The International Art Store is a powerful website recognized for its distinctive style, beauty of its design, ease of use, the depth of its image, and for its database of artists from all over the world. The International Art Store wants you to be successful as an artist. Unlike many online venues, the International Art Store does not require that you sign an exclusive contract. We encourage you to market your artwork with other non-exclusive galleries and exhibitions, giving your work heightened visibility. We even assist our artists with the development of their own web sites - included as a part of the membership fee.

Featured Artist: The International Art Store features artists so buyers can grow familiar with the artists and their artwork in the IAS Gallery. The artist is changed often to give all artists an opportunity to be featured. Remember that an artist's identity is as much a part of the purchase as is the artwork itself.

Minimal Financial Risk: It costs money to build a quality website, and even more money to pay for hosting, ongoing marketing, site maintenance, authentication, and online credit card transaction services. With the International Art Store, all these costs, and the labor for web preparation of your images, are already included in the membership fees. Our low fees and commissions are intended to be easily affordable by artists of all classes and cultures.

Giclée Limited Editions: The International Art Store offers our artists a means of creating and selling high-quality limited editions of their artwork, known as Giclées. A Giclée offers limited editions of museum-quality reproductions that will generally produce more income than the sale of original artwork - and the artist still has the option of retaining the original artwork. Giclées that the artist enhances with brush strokes often bring great financial rewards.

If this is your first time investigating Giclée printing, you are entering a completely new marketing philosophy. The concept of print-on-demand eliminates the large up-front investment of outdated (lithographic) methods of reproduction. The artist no longer needs to learn printmaking nor hire the expensive services of an experienced printmaker to attain museum-quality reproductions of their artwork. GiclĂ©e prints of Watercolors are particularly interesting because this is the first time that affordable printing has ever produced such magnificent replicas.

WHY Choose The International Art Store? It's simple. We do more and offer more than any other group on the web. The International Art Store makes online marketing easy for you. Most simply stated - we are an extension of your gallery and we are here to enhance your exposure to international levels. You are in control of your own destiny; we are only here to help you get there.

see the Frequently Asked Questions page or Contact IAS
to learn more about the International Art Store.


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