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  Artists in the Czech Republic  

Search the most respected artists from the art community in the Czech Republic, and find local artists' artwork for sale at art galleries near you.

Czech Republic
IAS Directory listings for our featured artists and art galleries have all been personally selected and evaluated by the curator of The International Art Store. The general artists listings below give a broader view of the Czech Republic art community. Check out their websites, ask them questions, visit their galleries, find out when they will be at local art fairs, or schedule a time to inspect their artwork that is for sale.

Please Contact IAS if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions to make this web site a better resource for Norway artists and for customers who are looking for respectable artists from whom to buy their artwork, or browse their art galleries.


Featured Artists in:
Czech Republic

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Artists in:
Czech Republic

  • Jiří Anderle (1936) is a Czech painter and graphic artist
  • Karel Balcar (1966) is a Czech painter
  • Lojza Baránek (1932) is a Czechoslovak painter
  • Josef Bolf (1971) is a Czech painter
  • Dr. Jaroslav Brožek, CSc. (1923) is a Czech artist and professor of art, theorist in color theory, art teaching and methodologies
  • František Ringo Čech (1943) is a Czech painter, actor, lyricist, comedian, publicist, politician, dramatist, screenwriter and author
  • David Černý (1967) is a Czech sculptor with many permanent artworks in the streets of Prague
  • Josef Černý (1943) is a Czech painter
  • Tomáš Císařovský (1962) is a Czech painter
  • Jiri Georg Dokoupil (1954) painter
  • Josef Dubiel von LeRach (1951) is a Czech painter and illustrator and author
  • Jan Dungel (1951) is a Czech painter, graphic artist and illustrator
  • Jiří Dvořák (1967) is a Czech actor
  • Vladimír Franz (1959) is a Czech composer, painter, poet and playwright
  • Vladimír Havlík (1959) action artist, painter
  • Helga Hošková-Weissová AKA Helga Weiss (1929) is a Czech artist
  • František Janák (1951) glass artist
  • Václav Junek (1951)
  • Dusan Kadlec, MFA, CSMA (1942) is a Czech-Canadian painter
  • Petr Kvíčala (1960) is one of the most significant personalities in Czech abstract non-picture painting
  • Martin Mainer (1959) painter
  • Alena Matejka (1966) sculptor
  • Adéla Matasová (1940) sculptor
  • Vladimír Novák (1947) is a Czech painter
  • Eduard Ovčáček (1933) is a Czech graphic artist, sculptor, lettrist, painter and professor at the University of Ostrava
  • Milan Peric (1957) is a Czech expressionist painter, bass player and avant-garde musician, and lecturer of art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
  • Otto Placht (1962) is a Czech artist known for his paintings
  • Miluše Poupětová (1963) is a Czech artist
  • Jaroslav Róna (1957) is a Czech sculptor, painter, actor, educator, and writer
  • Tom Samek (1950) muralist
  • Vojtěch Sedláček (1947) is a Czech entrepreneur
  • František Skála (1956) is a Czech sculptor, painter, children's book illustrator, musician, and dancer
  • Jitka Štenclová (1952) is a Czech painter and textile artist, member of famous Czech association of artists Umělecká beseda
  • Martin Velíšek (1963) is a popular Czech artist whose work spans the media of glass and canvas, animated film, album covers, book covers, restaurant menus, napkin packaging, TV packaging, photography, sculpture, and interiors
  • Aleš Veselý (1935) sculptor
  • Jiří Votruba (1946) designer and painter
  • Stanislav Zippe (1943) is a Czech artist, painter, sculptor and one of the leading representatives of kinetic art in Bohemia
  • Karel Zlín AKA Karel Machálek (1937) is a Czech painter, sculptor and poet


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