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Search the most respected artists from the art community in Switzerland, and find local artists' artwork for sale at art galleries near you.

IAS Directory listings for our featured artists and art galleries have all been personally selected and evaluated by the curator of The International Art Store. The general artists listings below give a broader view of the Switzerland art community. Check out their websites, ask them questions, visit their galleries, find out when they will be at local art fairs, or schedule a time to inspect their artwork that is for sale.

Please Contact IAS if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions to make this web site a better resource for Switzerland artists and for customers who are looking for respectable artists from whom to buy their artwork, or browse their art galleries.


Featured Artists in:

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Artists in:

  • Urs Amann (1951) is a Swiss surrealist painter
  • Diego Bianconi (1957) is a Swiss painter
  • Carlo Borer (1961) is a Swiss artist and designer
  • Franz Bucher (1940) is a Swiss artist who produces paintings, drawings, woodcuts, etchings, sculptural objects, reliefs, murals, and stained glass
  • Gianfredo Camesi (1940) is a Swiss painter
  • Luciano Castelli (1951) is a Swiss painter, graphic artist, photographer, sculptor and musician
  • Sandro Del-Prete (1937) is a Swiss artist who creates illusionary and surrealistic paintings
  • Stéphane Ducret (1970) is a Swiss contemporary artist
  • Ruth Erat (1951) is a Swiss teacher, author, painter, and politician
  • Janika Fabrikant (1934) is a French-Swiss painter of urban and industrial landscapes
  • Helmut Federle (1944) is a Swiss painter
  • Pia Fries (1955) is a Swiss painter
  • Franz Gertsch (1930) is a Swiss painter known for his large format hyperrealistic portraits
  • Stefan Haenni (1958) is a Swiss painter
  • Pierre Haubensak (1935) is a painter from Meiringen, Switzerland
  • eas Henzen (1955) is a Swiss painter and president of the Swiss Association of Painters, Sculptors and Architects (GSMBA founded in 1865)
  • Alain Huck (1957) is a Swiss contemporary visual artist in the mediums of drawing, painting, installation and photography
  • Daniel Humair (1938) is a drummer, composer, and painter
  • Alfonso Hüppi (1935) is a Swiss painter
  • Johannes Hüppi (1965) is a Swiss painter
  • Manfred Hürlimann (1958) is a Swiss painter
  • Britta Huttenlocher (1962) is a Swiss painter
  • Leiko Ikemura (1951) is a Japanese-Swiss painter and sculptor
  • Robert Indermaur (1947) is a Swiss painter and sculptor
  • Rolf Iseli (1934) is a Swiss painter, one of the most important representatives of the artistic avant-garde in Switzerland in the second half of 20th century
  • Urs Jaeggi (1931) is a Swiss painter, and author
  • Adam Dario Keel (1924) is a Swiss artist
  • Rolf Knie (1949) is a Swiss painter
  • Christina Krüsi (1968) is a Swiss artist
  • Alois Lichtsteiner (1950) is a Swiss painter
  • Urs Lüthi (1947) is a Swiss artist
  • Didier Mouron (1958) is a Swiss artist
  • Josef Felix Müller (1955) is a Swiss sculptor, graphic artist and painter
  • Christoph Rütimann (1955) is a Swiss painter currently based in Müllheim
  • Klaudia Schifferle (1955) is a Swiss painter and musician
  • Niele Toroni (1937) is a Swiss painter
  • Walter Wegmüller (1937) is a Swiss painter and musician
  • Jean Willi (1945) is a Swiss painter and author
  • Uwe Wittwer (1954) is a Swiss artist using watercolor, oil painting, inkjet prints and video
  • Franz Anatol Wyss (1940) is a Swiss painter


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