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Search the most respected artists from the art community in California. Find artists' artwork for sale at local art galleries near cities like: Los Angeles, San Jose, San Fransisco, Long Beach, Fresno, Sacramento, Oakland, CA.

IAS Directory listings for our featured artists and art galleries have all been personally selected and evaluated by the curator of The International Art Store. The general artists listings below give a broader view of the California art community. Check out their websites, ask them questions, visit their galleries, find out when they will be at local art fairs, or schedule a time to inspect their artwork that is for sale.

Please Contact IAS if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions to make this web site a better resource for California artists and for customers who are looking for respectable artists from whom to buy their artwork, or browse their art galleries.


Featured California Artists

Los Angeles, San Jose, San Fransisco
Long Beach, Fresno, Sacramento, Oakland

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California Artists

Los Angeles, San Jose, San Fransisco
Long Beach, Fresno, Sacramento, Oakland

  • Pat Adams NA (1928) is an American painter and printmaker
  • Alma Allen (1970) is an American sculptor who lives and works in Joshua Tree, California
  • Cecilia Alvarez (1950) is American Chicana artist known for her oil paintings and murals depicting themes of feminism, poverty, and environmental degradation in the United States and Latin America
  • Anne Appleby (1954) is an American color field and landscape reductive painter
  • Mia Araujo is an Argentine-American painter who is best known for her elaborate and detailed works of surrealist and fantasy imagery
  • Anthony Ausgang (Anthony Charles Grant Thompson 1959) is an artist and writer
  • Jennifer Losch Bartlett (1941) is an American artist
  • Juan Bastos (1958) is an Venezuela-American portrait artist of Bolivian descent who also creates other representational art, including pieces that utilize mythology and symbolism
  • Bruce Beasley (1939) is an American abstract expressionist sculptor
  • Robert Bechtle (1932) is an American painter
  • Gene Beery (1937) is an American painter and photographer, who has been described as an expressionist, Pop artist, Minimalist, and Conceptualist over his career of fifty-plus years
  • David Best (1945) is an internationally renowned American sculptor
  • Brandon Bird (1980) is an American illustrator and cartoonist
  • Carole Kortenhoven Boller is an American plein air artist
  • Delia Brown (1969) is a New York-based artist originally from California
  • Squeak Carnwath (1947) is a contemporary American painter and arts educator
  • Carole Caroompas is an American painter known for work which examines the intersection of pop culture and gender archetypes
  • Susan Kelk Cervantes (1944) is an American artist who has been at the epicenter of the San Francisco mural movement and the founder and executive director of the community-based non-profit Precita Eyes Muralists
  • Junko Chodos (1939) is a contemporary artist born and educated in Japan and residing in the United States since 1968
  • Tom Christopher (1952) is an American artist known for his expressionist urban paintings and murals, mostly of New York City
  • Nancy Chunn (1941) is an American artist based in New York, New York
  • Gerald Clarke (1967) is a sculptor, installation, and conceptual artist from the Cahuilla Band of Mission Indians
  • Greg Colson (1956) is an American artist best known for works that straddle the line between painting and sculpture while exploring our obsession with efficiency and order
  • Lindsay Dawson (1959) is an internationally collected American painter and a frequent guest on the Fine Art Showcase television show
  • Warren Dayton (1940) is an American illustrator, artist and graphic designer best known for his posters from psychedelic art era, a pioneer of the use of T-shirts as an art medium, creator of corporate branding & logos such as Thomas Kinkade's Lightpost Publishing, and internationally award-winning book, editorial, commercial illustration and typography
  • Olivia De Berardinis (1948) known worldwide simply as Olivia, is an American artist who is famous for her paintings of women, often referred to as pinup or cheesecake art
  • Autumn de Forest (2001) is an American painter
  • Mara Devereux (June 9, 1925) is an American artist
  • Marco Polo "Mark" di Suvero (1933) is an abstract expressionist sculptor and 2010 National Medal of Arts recipient
  • Don Dixon (1952) is an American astronomical artist practicing space art in the tradition of Chesley Bonestell
  • Alan Ebnother (1952) is a contemporary American artist
  • Don Eddy (1944) is an American painter who gained initial fame as a photorealist; but his recent works have veered into the realm of metaphysics
  • Daniel Edlen (1975) is a visual artist known for creating vinyl art, portraits of musicians and entertainers hand-painted on their vinyl records
  • Danielle Eubank is an American oil painter and expedition artist
  • Fred Eversley (1941) is an American sculptor
  • David Neal Fairrington (1940) is an American artist
  • John Fayette Frame (1950) is an American sculptor, photographer, composer and filmmaker
  • Sonya Fe (1952) is an American painter
  • Elsa Flores (1955) is a Chicana artist
  • L. Frank (1952) is the nom d'arte of L. Frank Manriquez, a Tongva-Acjachemen artist, writer, tribal scholar, cartoonist, and indigenous language activist
  • Paulette Frankl is an American courtroom artist and author
  • Rose Freymuth-Frazier (1977) is an American figurative painter
  • Victoria Alynette Fuller (1970) is an American glamour model, artist, actress and reality TV contestant
  • Mary Fuller McChesney (1922) is an American sculptor
  • David Michael Garibaldi (December 15, 1982) is an American performance painter
  • Alex Gross (1968 in Roslyn Heights, New York) is a visual artist
  • Kaloust Guedel (1956) is a Cyprus-born American artist
  • Dave Halili is a contemporary American fine arts illustrator, graffiti writer and graphic designer of album cover paintings, posters, logos, T-shirts along with other forms of representational merchandise
  • James Hayward (1943) is a contemporary abstract painter
  • Mary Doretta Heebner (1951) is an American artist and author
  • Andrea Higgins is an American painter
  • Stephen McDannell Hillenburg (1961) is the creator of SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Tommy Hollenstein is an American abstract impressionist painter and found object sculptor
  • Frank J. Holmes is an American visual artist
  • Seonna Hong is a contemporary Los Angeles-based artist working in the genre known as lowbrow or alternatively, pop surrealism
  • Brad Howe (1959) is an American sculptor
  • Robert Hudson (1938) is an American artist
  • David Huffman (1963) is an American painter and installation artist
  • Eric Joyner (1960) is a contemporary American artist whose body of work has focused on robots and donuts
  • Jacob Kassay (1984) is an American painter
  • Lori Kay (1962) also known as Lori Kay Stout is an American artist, educator and activist
  • Audrey Kawasaki (1982) is a Los Angeles-based painter, known for her distinctive, erotically charged portrayals of young, adolescent women
  • Margaret D. H. Keane (Peggy Doris Hawkins 1927) is an American artist
  • Rachel Khedoori (1964) is a contemporary artist of Iraqi heritage
  • Toba Khedoori (1964) is an artist of Iraqi heritage, known primarily for highly detailed mixed-media paintings executed on large sheets of wax-coated paper
  • Bill Koeb is an American painter, illustrator, and sequential artist
  • Jean LaMarr (1945) is a Native American artist and activist
  • Stacy Lande is a contemporary lowbrow painter
  • Ruth Laskey (1975) is an American artist known for her Minimalist weavings and grid paintings
  • Kristin Leachman is an American contemporary artist
  • John Lees (1943) is an American contemporary expressionist artist who works primarily in painting
  • David Ligare is an American contemporary realist painter
  • Cary Lewis Long is a sculptor and conceptual artist
  • Jean Lowe is a California-based painter and sculptor
  • David Lozeau (1975) is an American artist and children's book writer who has achieved media recognition principally for his paintings and exhibits relating to the Day of the Dead
  • Michael Lucero (1953) is an American sculptor
  • Richard MacDonald (1946) is a California-based contemporary figurative artist known for his bronze sculptures and his association with Cirque Du Soleil
  • Clarence Major (1936) is an American poet, painter, and novelist; winner of the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award in the Fine Arts
  • Barry McGee (1966) is a painter and graffiti artist
  • Kenney Mencher (1965) is an American painter
  • Vasa Velizar Mihich (1933) known as Vasa, is an American artist
  • Stanley George Miller (1940) better known as Mouse and Stanley Mouse, is an American artist, notable for his 1960s psychedelic rock concert poster designs for the Grateful Dead and Journey albums cover art as well as many others
  • Craig Mullins (1964) is an American digital painter, and leading international concept artist
  • Aaron Nagel is an American painter
  • Alexandra Nechita the "Petite Picasso" (1985) is a Romanian American cubist painter
  • Kadir Nelson (1974) is an African-American artist, illustrator and author
  • R. Kenton Nelson (1954) is an American painter and muralist
  • John Outterbridge (1933) is an African-American artist
  • Gay Outlaw (1959) is an American sculptor, photographer and printmaker known for her "rigorous and unexpected explorations of material"
  • Fernando Padilla Jr. (1958) is a Native American artist
  • Joon Park (aka JP Novark 1989) is a Korean-American pop surrealist painter and an experienced trompe-l'œil artist
  • Paige Matthews Peterson (1955) is an American painter and illustrator specializing in acrylic landscapes, portraits, and figural images
  • Tony Pro (1973) is an American realist painter known for his paintings of the human figure, still life, and landscapes
  • Simon Raab (1952) is an American contemporary artist, entrepreneur, inventor and scientist
  • Oceana Rain Stuart is an American contemporary figurative sculptor
  • Freydoon Rassouli is an Iranian-Born, American abstract surrealist and visionary artist and author
  • Christie Repasy (1958) is an American floral artist
  • Ariana Clarice Richards (1979) is an American actress and painter
  • Carl Romanelli is an American sculptor noted for his many outdoor sculptures of famous people
  • Sonia Romero (1980) is a Chicana, American artist known for her printmaking, mixed media linocut prints, murals, and public art
  • Paul Roustan (1979) is an American contemporary body painter and photographer
  • Glen Rubsamen (1957) is a visual artist and writer, primarily working with painting and photography
  • Gary Ruddell (1951) is an American artist best known for his figurative representational paintings
  • Allen Ruppersberg (1944) is an American artist
  • Edward Joseph Ruscha IV (1937) is an American artist associated with the pop art movement
  • KRK Ryden (1953) is an American visual artist
  • Mark Ryden (1963) is an American painter, part of the Lowbrow (or Pop Surrealist) art movement
  • Bradford J. Salamon (1963) is an American painter specialising in oil on canvas portraits - contemporary images of individuals, depictions of human drama, as well as portraits of remarkable objects of the past that shaped society's daily lives
  • Margaret Holland Sargent also known as Meg Sargent (1927) is a portrait artist
  • Kenny Scharf (1958) is an American painter
  • Zachary Selig (1949) is an American artist, author, and interior designer
  • Adam Shaw (1957) is an American painter
  • Jim Shaw (1952) is a contemporary American artist
  • Charles Sherman (1947) is an American artist best known for his continuum sculptures based on a three-dimensional form of the Möbius strip
  • Leslie Shows (1977) is an American artist who is recognized for expanding the boundaries of landscape painting
  • James Siena (1957) is an American contemporary artist
  • Greg "Craola" Simkins (1975) is an American artist
  • David Simpson (1928) is an American abstract painter
  • Tim Solliday (1952) is a contemporary California Plein-Air Painter and Western Artist who is known for his San Gabriel Valley landscapes and his paintings of American Indians and other western subjects
  • Jeff Soto (1975) is an American contemporary artist
  • Jophen Stein is a painter from Pomona, whose works often contain surreal, cartoon-like images centered on unusual themes such as the Space Race, the Periodic Table, or the Freemasons in the style of Lowbrow (art movement) art or Pop Surrealism
  • Michael James Stilkey Jr. (1975) is an American artist known for his book sculpture paintings
  • Melanie Stimmell Van Latum, born 1975 in Los Angeles, is an international 3D street painter and fine artist specializing in large scale chalk art and Renaissance-style inspired imagery
  • Inez Storer (1933) is a San Francisco Bay Area painter and mixed-media artist who creates work in the magical realism genre
  • Don Suggs (1945) is an American artist
  • Francesca Sundsten (1960) is a contemporary American artist
  • William Swanson (1970) is a painter
  • Taravat Talepasand (1979) is an Iranian American contemporary artist and educator
  • Mark Tansey (1949) is an American painter
  • Walter Clarence Taylor, III, known as Buck Taylor (1938) is an American painter and actor best known for his role in CBS's Gunsmoke television series
  • Henry Taylor (1958) is an American artist and painter
  • Wayne Thiebaud (1920) is an American painter widely known for his colorful works depicting commonplace objects (pies, lipsticks, paint cans, ice cream cones, pastries, and hot dogs) as well as for his landscapes and figure paintings
  • Mark Vallen (1953) is an American activist with Chicano and other issues, curator, figurative realist painter, and blogger, who runs the Art for a Change web site
  • James Verbicky (1973) is an abstract mixed media artist currently living in Southern California
  • Darren Waterston (1965) is an American artist who is mainly known for his ethereal paintings
  • Meg Webster (1944) is an American artist from San Francisco working primarily in sculpture and installation art
  • Lee Weiss (1928) is an American painter known for her watercolors
  • Michael Whelan (1950) is an American artist of imaginative realism
  • Griff Williams (1966) is an American painter, publisher, art instructor, and the owner of the Gallery 16 art gallery
  • Steven Whyte (1969) is a sculptor classically trained in the traditional methodology of figurative bronze and portrait sculpture
  • Jan Wurm is a California painter whose work comes out of a figurative tradition rooted in social commentary
  • Jave Gakumei Yoshimoto is an American painter
  • Wendy Masako Yoshimura (1943) is an American still life watercolor painter
  • Tavar Zawacki (1981) is a Californian born, American abstract artist based in Berlin, Germany
  • Paula Zima (1953) is an American artist known for her sculptures, paintings and etchings
  • Molly Zuckerman-Hartung (1975) is an American painter


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