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Search the most respected artists from the art community in New York. Find artists' artwork for sale at local art galleries near cities like: The Big Apple, New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, NY.

New York
IAS Directory listings for our featured artists and art galleries have all been personally selected and evaluated by the curator of The International Art Store. The general artists listings below give a broader view of the New York art community. Check out their websites, ask them questions, visit their galleries, find out when they will be at local art fairs, or schedule a time to inspect their artwork that is for sale.

Please Contact IAS if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions to make this web site a better resource for New York artists and for customers who are looking for respectable artists from whom to buy their artwork, or browse their art galleries.


Featured New York Artists

New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany

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New York Artists

New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany

  • John Alexander (1945) is an American painter
  • Laylah Ali (1968) is a contemporary visual artist known for paintings in which ambiguous race relations are depicted with a graphic clarity and cartoon strip format
  • Ellen Altfest (1970) is an American painter
  • Gregory Amenoff (1948) is an American painter
  • Ida Applebroog (1929) is an American artist
  • Natalie Ascencios is a painter and illustrator
  • Kristin Baker (1975) is a painter
  • Rina Banerjee (1963) is a Manhattan-based American artist
  • Susan Bee (1952) is an American painter, editor, and book artist
  • Siona Benjamin (1960) is an Indian-American artist
  • Anthony Dominick Benedetto (1926) known professionally as Tony Bennett is a painter, having created works under the name Anthony Benedetto that are on permanent public display in several institutions. He is the founder of the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Astoria, Queens, New York
  • Regina Bogat (1928) is an American abstract artist
  • Sandra Bowden (1943) is an artist and painter; was president of "Christians in the Visual Arts"
  • Katherine Bradford (1942) is an American artist, who works primarily as a figurative painter
  • Angie Elizabeth Brooksby (1965) is a contemporary American-born painter
  • Alice Dalton Brown (1939) is an American realist painter
  • Justin BUA (1968) is an internationally renowned artist
  • Rebecca E. Chamberlain is a visual artist and vocalist in the New York art band Maxi Geil! & Playcolt
  • Ray Ciarrocchi is a New York based figurative painter
  • Cora Cohen (1943) is an American artist whose works include paintings, drawings, photographs, and altered x rays
  • Diana Cooper (1964) is a contemporary artist
  • Sarah Crowner (1974) is an American painter best known for her geometric abstractions that evoke the style of hard-edge painting of the 1950s and 60s
  • Amy Cutler (1974) is a contemporary artist
  • Jason D'Aquino (1974) is an American artist who works exclusively upon found antiquated objects, primarily in graphite on an incredibly miniature scale
  • Benjamin Degen (1976) is an American painter
  • Harvey Dinnerstein (1928) is a figurative artist and educator
  • Rosalyn Drexler (1926) is an American artist, novelist, Obie Award-winning playwright, and Emmy Award-winning screenwriter, and former professional wrestler
  • Angela Dufresne (1969) is a Brooklyn based American artist known for paintings that explore narrative in a variety of ways
  • Echo Eggebrecht (1977) is a painter
  • Nicole Eisenman (1965) is an American artist who is known primarily for her paintings
  • Inka Essenhigh (1969) is an American painter
  • Margaret Evangeline (1943) is a post-minimalist painter, video, performance, and installation artist noted for her bullet-riddled paintings
  • Amy Feldman (1981) is an American painter
  • Audrey L. Flack (1931) is an American artist
  • Christopher Florentino, known professionally as Flore, (9 March 1983) is an international American Contemporary Fine artist and interior designer
  • Suzan Frecon (1941) is a contemporary artist
  • Rose Freymuth-Frazier (1977) is an American figurative painter
  • Hope Gangloff (1974) is an American painter
  • Carla Gannis is an American transmedia artist based in New York and professor at the Pratt Institute in the Department of Digital Arts
  • Joy Garnett (1965) is a painter and writer
  • Grace Graupe-Pillard is an American artist
  • Joanne Greenbaum (1953) is an artist
  • Isca Greenfield-Sanders (1978) is an American figurative/landscape painter
  • Angelina Gualdoni (1975) is an artist
  • Michael Hafftka is an American figurative expressionist painter
  • Jane R. Hammond (1950) is an American artist
  • Daniel Heidkamp (1980) is an American figurative painter
  • James Hyde (1958) is an American painter, sculptor and photographer
  • Jamali, a New York-based artist for over 40 years, is the originator of the style Mystical Expressionism
  • Peter Julian (1952) is an American artist best known for his Neo-expressionist paintings in the 1980s
  • Nabil Kanso (1946) is an American painter
  • Kika Karadi (1975 in Budapest, Hungary) is a visual artist
  • Kate Kretz (1963) is an American artist
  • Kathleen Kucka is an American painter
  • Diana Kurz (1936) is an Austrian-born feminist painter who is known for her Remembrance (Holocaust) series, which explores the "loss and preservation" of the artist's family members during the Holocaust
  • Joseph La Piana (1966) is a New York-based artist
  • Abshalom Jac Lahav (1977) is a New York City–based artist
  • Jo Lechay is a Canadian painter who formerly worked as a professional dancer and choreographer
  • Abby Leigh is an American artist
  • Daniel Maidman (1975) is a painter and art writer
  • Cynthia Mailman (1942) is an American painter and educator
  • Knox Martin (1923) is an American painter, sculptor and muralist
  • Donald Martiny (1953) is an American artist
  • Jerry W. McDaniel (1935) is an American heterogeneous artist; graphics artist, illustrator, communication designer, educator and modernist painter
  • Sam McKinniss (1985) is an American abstract and figurative postmodern painter
  • Jennifer "Jen" Miller (AKA Saint Reverend Jen / Reverend Jen / Jennifer Miller 1972) is an American performer, actress, writer, painter, director, preacher, and poet
  • Steve Miller (1951) is a multi-media artist, who makes paintings, screenprints, artist books, and sculptures
  • P. Buckley Moss (1933) is an American and Virginia artist, whose art expresses her interest in strong family values
  • Robert Neffson (1949) is an American painter known for his street scenes of various cities around the world, museum interiors and for his early still lifes and figure paintings
  • C. Michael Norton (1951) is an American artist known for his large-scale abstractions on raw linen
  • Brendan O'Connell (1968) is a contemporary American artist known for his paintings of Walmart interiors
  • Olivia Peguero (1961) is a Dominican contemporary landscape and botanical artist
  • Paige Matthews Peterson (1955) is an American painter and illustrator specializing in acrylic landscapes, portraits, and figural images
  • R. H. Quaytman (1961) is an American contemporary artist, best known for paintings on wood panels, using abstract and photographic elements in 25 site-specific "Chapters"
  • George Lee Quiñones (1960) is a Puerto Rican artist and actor and one of several artists to gain fame from the New York City Subway graffiti movement
  • Rotem Reshef (1964) is an abstract, process-based Action painter
  • Leif Ritchey (1975) is an American abstract painter
  • Stephanie Rose (1943) is an American painter
  • Allen Ruppersberg (1944) is an American artist
  • John Seery (1941) is an American artist who is associated with the lyrical abstraction movement
  • Adam Shaw (1957) is an American painter
  • Amy Sillman (1955) is an American painter
  • Burton Silverman (1928) is an American painter known for his Classical realist portraits of working-class people
  • Guy Richards Smit (1970) is an American performance artist, painter, and singer-songwriter
  • Pat Steir (1940) is an American painter and printmaker
  • Ryan Sullivan (1983) is an American artist
  • Don Troiani (1949) is an American painter whose work focuses on his native country's military heritage, mostly from the American Revolution, War of 1812 and American Civil War
  • Israel Tsvaygenbaum (1961) is a Russian-American artist of Jewish descent
  • Ray Anthony Villafane (1969) is an American artist based in Arizona, who specializes in sculpting 3-D Style pumpkin carvings, action figures and collectibles, sand and snow
  • Edith "Edie" Vonnegut (1949) is an American painter
  • Garth Weiser (1979) is an artist
  • Daniel Wiener (1954) is an American sculptor
  • Kehinde Wiley (1977) is a New York City-based portrait painter who is known for his highly naturalistic paintings of African-Americans
  • Jerome Witkin (1939) is an American figurative artist whose paintings deal with political, social and cultural themes, along with serious portraiture that melds the sitter's social position with a speaking likeness that reveals inner character
  • Lois Erdmann Wright is an American artist, author, and local television personality
  • Peter Young (1940) is an American painter
  • Malcah Zeldis (Mildred Brightman 1931) is a Jewish American folk painter


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