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  Artists in Washington DC  

Search the most respected artists from the art community in Washington DC, and find local artists' artwork for sale at art galleries near you.

Washington DC
IAS Directory listings for our featured artists and art galleries have all been personally selected and evaluated by the curator of The International Art Store. The general artists listings below give a broader view of the Washington DC art community. Check out their websites, ask them questions, visit their galleries, find out when they will be at local art fairs, or schedule a time to inspect their artwork that is for sale.

Please Contact IAS if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions to make this web site a better resource for Washington DC artists and for customers who are looking for respectable artists from whom to buy their artwork, or browse their art galleries.


Featured Artists in:
Washington DC

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Artists in:
Washington D.C.

  • Rushern "Rush" Baker IV (1987) is an American painter
  • Gregory Burns, MFA, (1957) is an American athlete, painter, author, motivational speaker and member of Art of the Olympians
  • Lilian Thomas Burwell is a Washington, DC sculptor and painter whose shaped paintings often blur the line between the two disciplines
  • Yvonne Pickering Carter (1939) is an African-American painter, performance artist, and educator
  • Aurelio "Rail" Grisanty (1949) is a Dominican-born American painter, graphic artist, muralist, set and costume designer, entrepreneur, and the principal artist of the Beach Town Posters ongoing series of vintage Art Deco-style prints
  • Barbara Morrison Januszkiewicz (1955) is an American painter, artist's filmmaker and a creative activist known for her stylistic independence and associations with the pop art movement, conceptual art and avant-garde elements
  • Andrei Kushnir (1947) is an American fine art painter
  • Kristin Leachman is an American contemporary artist living and working in Los Angeles
  • Chris Martin (1954) is an American artist based in Brooklyn
  • Alexa Meade (1986) is an American installation artist best known for her portraits painted directly onto the human body and inanimate objects in a way that collapses depth and makes her models appear two-dimensional when photographed
  • Jim Morin (1953) is the internationally syndicated editorial cartoonist at the Miami Herald since 1978 and a painter, usually working in the medium of oil
  • Kadir Nelson (1974) is an African-American artist, illustrator and author
  • G. Byron Peck is an American mural artist, and Artistic Director of City Arts DC
  • Nicolas F. Shi is an artist in Washington, D.C.
  • Clarice Smith (1933) is an American painter and portraitist whose paintings have been exhibited in a number of exhibitions in the United States and Europe
  • Lisa Marie Thalhammer (1981) is an artist known for her portraits, paintings, and public murals representing female empowerment and the modern woman
  • William Willis (1943) is an American abstract painter


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