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Romanian Abstract Artist Alexandra Jicol
I'm a simple observer a traveller thru life. My goal is to look, to hear, to explore, to learn, to share, to appreciate all, if possible as a nonjudgmental and a tolerant soul.

Through my work, I have tried to create complete pictorial independence. After years of intense work, I strive to capture in my work my physical, carnal relationship with colors, forms and textures.

A constant subject of interest returns to me like an obsession: the human condition and how to define the states of mind and attitudes through colors and simple forms.

How to to go deeper and probe into my being and that of others, observing, feeling, filtering through myself to transfer this on to a canvas, paper or other foundation.

I continuously filter and refine until I have the pure essence of what I wish to capture, which is to translate the soul in a work of art. I want my work to overflow, and for the viewer to sense that it extends into the infinite. "The human being" - here is the most complex and most passionate subject, a constant search in the "research of the truth".

For many years, I explored a classical approach to painting and while my current work appears divergent, these classical styles and skills constitute my starting point. I have gradually added other media, in the course of discovering this a world and integrating it into my work as a logical evolution. I have enriched my projects through other artistic fields (theatre, writing music, etc), which I use and am inspired by. Each time they breathe another breath into my creation. This thirst of expression, generosity and sharing have always been my reason for living.



All artwork, art prints, and images displayed in this fine art gallery are copyright protected under the laws of the United States and owned in full by the artist Alexandra Jicol. The images may not be copied, used, nor reproduced for any reason whatsoever without the expressed written consent of the artist Alexandra Jicol.


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