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Jeff Hanson - Composition Nature Photographer
Exploring the outdoors and capturing the beauty of nature on film is Jeffrey Hansen's absolute passion. He tries to maintain what constantly escapes us in a timeless moment. Searching for those indisputable moments when Nature speaks to us of change, natural rhythms, opposites, and secrets.

Always exploring his impressions of the world and seeking out the fragile and delicate harmonies that surround him. To achieve this is not easy. Immersing himself in the unique elements of nature takes a lot of time and effort. Much of which, is spent traveling to regional State Parks and Nature Reserves in and around the Minnesota area and neighboring states. Currently Jeffrey is expanding to new horizons across North America but is still concentrating a great deal of his time in regional areas of the upper Midwest.

Artist Quote: "As long as I can influence just one person to help discover an appreciation for nature through a photo that I have taken, I will have accomplished something truly beautiful." - Jeffrey Hansen

Jeffrey Hansen also prides himself on the fact that all of his photography is "straight" photography. No digital enhancements or computer-generated effects are performed to his photographic printing. What you see in the image is what Jeff saw through his camera and placed directly on to film. Where it is then printed directly from the film to paper with very minimal color corrections being performed in the printing and development stages of the photographic images.

From 1995 to 1997, he was a volunteer at the University of Minnesota's Raptor Center which helps rehabilitate wounded birds of prey so they can be released back into the wild. Jeff also is a member of the National Audubon Society in which he volunteers to take part in many animal and plant surveys that are vital in keeping our areas of nature from depleting.

Jeffrey Hansen has a collection of over 70 images in the Mayo Clinic of Rochester, Minnesota. He has been published in Nature Photographer Magazine and in the St. Paul Pioneer Press for promotions of the St. Paul Art Crawl, which is a bi-annual event that is every Spring and Fall. Jeff has participated in the Art Crawls since 1994, where he opens his home to the public and you can see his newest work and ask him questions.

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All artwork, art prints, and images displayed in this fine art gallery are copyright protected under the laws of the United States and owned in full by the artist Jeffrey Hansen. The images may not be copied, used, nor reproduced for any reason whatsoever without the expressed written consent of the artist Jeffrey Hansen.


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