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PD Wilson, the husband and wife team of Rhode Island artists Paul and Dexter Wilson, met in 1982; Dexter was in her final year at the Rhode Island School of Design where she majored in Illustration & Sculpture while Paul was teaching Karate and Yoga at Brown University in addition to running his own weightlifting, karate, and yoga studio (Body Lab) on the East Side of Providence, RI.

After being married in 1984, the two quickly formed a part time business merger with Dexter assisting Paul in his instructive seminars, and Paul providing insight to Dexter's freelance commercial art commissions. As a sidebar to their respective businesses, they began to make jewelry, which they initially sold through stores in Boston's Newbury Street market district.

In 1992, Paul and Dexter formed their present studio Breakthrough Concepts to facilitate production of their one of a kind jewelry pieces and their Mixed Media art work. By 1994, their jewelry was being sold in museums, galleries, and stores throughout the United States including the Smithsonian Institution. A selection of their jewelry was purchased for the permanent African American exhibit at the Hudson Valley Museum in New York. Their jewelry has also been featured in several movies, including the late Robert Altman's “Shortcuts”.

In 1998, the Wilson's confined their jewelry work to the juried Retail Craft Show market, hoping this would provide them with additional time to focus on their artwork: Mixed Media Three-Dimensional Shadowboxes. In 2006, the Wilson's showed 25 of their initial pieces at two shows, the RISD Alumni Art Show and the American Art & Craft Show at Lincoln Center in New York. Priced from $295 up to $1200, all but two items sold at these events.

The couple is currently working on new works for their first gallery show that is scheduled for February of 2008. Paul and Dexter are engaged to show their work at a limited number of juried shows in 2007 and are seeking galleries interested in representing and showing their work.

Artist Statement:

What interests us in life is the duality and conflict that exists between the physical, the spiritual, thought and emotion. In seeking to express this interest, our works explore the dynamics of Magic, Power, Dreams, and Manifestation. We often utilize themes from historical literature, mythology, fairy tales, and folklore because we see a repetition of pattern in the vehicle of storytelling that tells of the shifting friction created as man attempts to conquer both Self and World. We view our works as conduits of communication that provide common ground on which conversation can be initiated. On a small scale, our works can appear as a surprise on the wall of a well-stocked personal library, initiating a conversation about Shakespeare or a bout of storytelling between a grandparent and a child.

On a larger scale, our works can be viewed as the power and dynamics expressed in the corporate world of business. We view our smaller works not only as complete - but also as models for larger, build-to-suit pieces for the corporate market.

Form, Medium & Materials

In expressing their exploratory natures, the Wilson's chose the medium of Mixed Media because it allows them to use a wide variety of techniques, materials, and applications in their work. The format of the Shadowbox appealed to their desire to create multidimensional pieces that utilized sculpture, painting, and object manipulation.

Dexter Wilson provides the ordered structures of their work by sculpting, building, and manipulating the objects of their collage compositions. Paul Wilson's fiery abstract paintings provide the emotion nuances of the pieces. Together they decide on the subject matter of the works while generally working on several pieces at a time. They initially work separately, while coming together to review each other's work repeatedly until the final piece is apparent and ready for assembly. Together they saw, stain, drill and do the various steps necessary to ensure the final work is complete and will endure for years to come.

Materials utilized include Resin (in sheet and cast form), Acrylics, Clay, Pastels, Wax, Stains and Dyes, Textiles (including Rayon, Silk, and Natural Hide), treated Metals (including Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Silver, and Gold in wire, sheet, leaf, and cast form), Wood, Linoleum, Glass, Hardboard, and other materials (some of which are garnered from found objects).

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All artwork, art prints, and images displayed in this fine art gallery are copyright protected under the laws of the United States and owned in full by the artist PD Wilson. The images may not be copied, used, nor reproduced for any reason whatsoever without the expressed written consent of the artist PD Wilson.


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