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Have questions about Artwork?

Ask the Curator.

IAS has answered some of the most Frequently Asked Questions that we receive from interested artists and buyers in this FAQ. If you have a question that is not on this list, send it to us at or just fill out the form on our Ask the Curator page. If you are interested in buying or selling artwork at The International Art Store, Contact the IAS Curator.


1) What makes a web site truly international?

The International Art Store displays artwork created by artists from all over the world. Most web sites on the Internet are accessible from any computer in the world with Internet service; however, it can be very difficult to locate an artist unless you know their website (URL). has optimized The International Art Store site for local and international search engines.

It takes a great deal of coding and knowledge to ensure that the IAS website and IAS artists receive the international recognition that they deserve. This enables consumers to easily find the International Art Store and our artists.


2) How often will the artwork on this site be changed?

The artwork on the site is always changing. Artwork is created, artwork is sold, and new artists are added constantly. Gallery Artists are welcome to update and add artwork to their galleries as necessary.


3) Will more artists' work be shown on this site?

Absolutely. IAS is always searching the globe for the best new international artists. Some artists are being contacted directly by the International Art Store and some artists are contacting us. If you know of an artist that might be interested in the benefits that we have to offer, please give them our eMail address, phone number, or a link to our web site and have them contact us. Stay tuned because you may be surprised at what we are developing. If you like what you see, please tell others about our site.


4) I am considering reproducing some of my paintings.
Aren't the originals more valuable than the reproductions?
Why would I want to create reproductions?

In most cases, the original pieces of art are more valuable. In some cases, the value of the art increases with time and recognition of the artist. Many collectors are willing to pay a premium for artwork, due to recognition or quality. Some reproductions have sold for more than the original artwork did.

Whether you're making Giclée prints of Watercolors or Oil Paintings - you will find that the quality of a Giclée is untouchable by any other affordable means of reproduction, and leaps beyond anything that you have seen before. Artists who take the time to enhance a reproduction by adding paint and brush strokes to the reproduction can increase the value of the reproduction up to the value of the original piece of art.

The size of the edition often dictates the value of the reproductions. The International Art Store suggests smaller editions of 25 to 100 pieces. More than 100 editions tends to reduce the value of the original as well as the value of the reproductions. Limited editions are more valuable when the artist personally numbers and signs them.

It is important to be clear on the reproduction whether it is a Giclée (high resolution) or a lithographic reproduction. Lithographic reproductions do not near the quality of Giclées. An “IAS Certified Giclée” is created by the International Art Store and meets the highest standards of quality. The International Art Store issues a "Certificate of Authentication" on all artwork that is created using our facilities to produce the Giclées. Some of the artists on our site create their reproductions themselves, and the International Art Store is not responsible for the quality of those Giclées.


5) Why would I want to list myself on your website?
How is your site different from other websites?

We suggest that you view the Benefits of Membership page and review the features and benefits of IAS Members. Our curator has been involved with graphic design and printing for over 30 years.

The key feature of our site is exposure. In order to create your own site, you must invest a lot of time and money just to get just the site to appear the way that you want. This does not include the cost of monthly fees to an Internet Service Provider to host the site. You might pay an additional $200 to $600 every year just for hosting.

Most sites only reach out about 150 miles from the location of the artist. Few artists receive national exposure; IAS offers international exposure. It takes special coding to be able to be found by a search engine. IAS is continually updating the process of coding and recoding of our site to give our artists the ability to reach the top results of the search engines.


6) How do I purchase artwork?

Contact the IAS Curator. IAS has recently partnered with PayPal and we are currently recoding all of the online payment information for the entire site.

We currently have two methods of payment. For artwork that costs less than $200, we have partnered with PayPal to use custom shopping cart buttons. For more expensive artwork we have partnered with banks to offer escrow services to protect both the artists and the buyers.

If you have any questions about purchasing artwork, please Contact IAS.


7) How do the actual paintings differ
from what I see from my computer?

Almost all of the artwork in the IAS Galleryare shown in a seamless cherrywood frame. This is because the artwork is typically removed from the frame when it is scanned for display on our web site; we use the cherrywood frames to give buyers an idea of what it will look like after it is framed and hanging on their walls. A few of the pieces in the gallery are digital photos of the actual artwork, some of these images show the actual frames.

IAS is considering including some "secondary" enlargements of a few selected paintings that can more clearly show the details of the actual piece.

The quality of the resolution that you are viewing is directly dependent on the quality and color calibration of your computer’s monitor. Colors can vary on different monitors. You are viewing a representation of the art and not the actual artwork itself.

The IAS site is best viewed on your computer monitor using a 1024x768 resolution or higher. Right-click on your desktop to set this. A window will open called Display Properties. Select the tab called Screen Settings. Move the slider from its current setting to 1024x768 pixels and select the apply button at the bottom of the window. This will change the resolution of the screen size that you view. To reset it back to how it was, repeat the instructions and select the original settings.


8) Are all of the paintings framed?

No, some are and some aren't. Every piece of artwork on this site is different. We use the cherrywood frames to give buyers an idea of what the artwork will really look like when it is hanging on their walls.

Most of the paintings shown on the site are stretched and framed. A few of the paintings are stretched over a stretching frame only. If it is a reproduction, it may be shipped in a tube (unstretched).

This information is usually shown above or below the image. If this information is not shown, please Contact IAS and inquire about how the painting will be shipped. Frame treatments are a personal decision and the buyer may want to select the framing treatment.


9) What is the relationship between
ownership and copywrited art?

Copyright is a privilege to anyone that creates a unique intellectual item of property. This is true of all artwork. When buyers purchase paintings from our site, they only own the painting and the material on which the artwork was produced. The copyright of the artwork belongs to the artist unless otherwise purchased.


10) The gallery that I am dealing with has asked me to give them exclusive rights to my artwork. Should I sign this agreement?

The International Art Store does not recommend giving any organization or gallery exclusive rights to an artist’s works. We do not ask for an exclusive agreement to post art on our site. We encourage IAS Artists to list their artwork in as many places as they can, thus expanding their exposure. Art listed on our site cannot be under any exclusive agreement and must be for sale.


11) Would IAS be willing to display
paintings that have already been sold?

The International Art Store only displays paintings that have been sold if the artist is also selling Giclées of the original art. In such cases, the original artwork must be listed as sold. Once a painting is sold, the artist is to replace the painting in the gallery within a week of the sale.


12) Can I commission an international artist
to paint a painting for me?

The International Art Store has a number of artists that can be commission to create portraits, landscapes, or whatever you desire. Contact IAS for more information regarding commissioned artwork.


13) Does this artist paint other subjects
not shown on the IAS site?

The International Art Store displays a selection of art that is representative of the artist. Most of our artists are multi-disciplined, work in different medias, and have multiple subjects that they paint. Feel free to Contact IAS to find out additional information about our artists.


14) How do you determine the prices of the paintings?

The prices are based on the value that the artist places on their work, the amounts of time required to create each piece, and the prices that they expect to sell the artwork for. Please keep in mind that it has taken the artist tremendous amounts of time and money (not to mention the education) to get to this level of expertise.


15) How does IAS handle packaging and shipping?

Ultimately, the International Art Store is responsible for the packaging and shipping of the paintings. Artwork generally resides with the artist. When a painting is sold, we forward instructions to the artist describing how the artwork will be packaged and where it will be shipped from.

The International Art Store has selected United Parcel Service (UPS) as our favored shipping company because they are the largest and most trusted shipping company in the world. They ensure that all packages meet minimum shipping requirements. UPS has offices in most cities, on most continents, and is able to ship art very efficiently. They also provide one of the best package tracking systems in the world. Upon shipment, both the consumer and IAS will receive notification of the package number, allowing us to track the package during the shipping process.

The International Art Store has designated The UPS Store and Mailboxes Etc. to prepare all packages of art for shipment. These companies are known for their professionalism in the packaging of artwork. They have specific packages and materials to package the artwork. These companies know best how to handle such shipments.

All artwork must be prepared and packaged for shipment in order to minimize damage from occurring while in transit. Replacement value is established by the price that a work sells for on the invoice. Packaging, insurance, and shipping costs will be prepaid by the buyer before it is shipped.


16) I live in Europe and shipping is very expensive.
Who pays the costs of insurance and shipping?

The costs of packaging, shipping, and insurance are added to the buyer ’s invoice and become a part of the purchase price of the artwork.

The International Art Store directs the shipping companies to insure the shipment for replacement value. Each package shipped from the artist to the buyer, or from the buyer back to IAS, is to be insured for its full value. If instructions are not followed properly and damage should occur, this may negate the insurance policy.


17) What is IAS’s return policy?

The consumer has seven days to view the artwork. The artwork may be returned at anytime during this seven-day period. If the buyer decides to return the artwork, he/she must acquire a Return Authorization from the International Art Store within seven days of receipt.

When artwork is returned in satisfactory condition, the buyer will be charged for all shipping/packaging charges, in addition to a 15% restocking fee. The remaining amount will be credited to the buyer’s account.


18) Can I use these images on my site?

No! All images, titles, text, logos and design elements are protected and copyrighted by the International Art Store and by IAS Artists under the laws of the United States of America. It is illegal for anyone to use these images on another web site, or for any other purpose without specific written permission from the artist.

To be able to use such images, you will need to contact the artist through the International Art Store to obtain a license to use the artwork on your web site. Anyone wanting to use the artwork will need to be specific in your request. You will need to explain in detail how you intend to use the artwork. Be prepared to pay a licensing fee to use the artwork in your application.


19) How are import duties handled
on the sale of art internationally?

Artwork that is shipped internationally may be subject to import/export duties (surtaxes). Each country has its own system of calculating, charging, and applying duties to such goods. The International Art Store estimates these taxes at the time of sale. To expedite delivery of the artwork, the International Art Store adds the duty to the purchase price on the buyer ’s invoice. If an error should occur in the calculation, the error will be charged or credited to the buyer’s account. You will be notified of any estimated duty charges before the sale is completed.


Still Have Unanswered Questions?

Ask the Curator.


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