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IAS Site Traffic (July 29, 2007)

2,627 visitors from 765 different cities in 88 countries have viewed 19,012 pages on the IAS web site (so far) in 2007. Our average visitor views more than 7 pages while spending nearly 5 minutes on the site. Over 80% of our visitors are first-time visitors. More than 62% of IAS visitors come directly from search engines, 24% are from 114 referring websites, and 15% come directly from bookmarks or by typing in


IAS Partners with PayPal (July 29, 2007)

IAS has chosen PayPal to handle art purchases and gallery fees. Since IAS is a custom web site and all of the pages are hand-coded, we expect to have the BUY NOW buttons recoded by Autumn 2007.


New Featured Artist:
Vladimir Dolgov "The Russian Van Gogh"

(July 29, 2007)

Vladimir Dolgov was born under the sign of Aries, in 1953 - precisely 100 years after the birth of Van Gogh. These two circumstances are determinative in the life of this impressionistic painter. The fire of Aries and the phantom of Van Gogh flame up the palette of "The Russian Van Gogh" at the end of 20th century. In 1998, the newspaper "Petrovskiy Courier" wrote about the Dolgov: "The style of the master is called by art's critics as an intellectual expressionism." Vladimir Dolgov is a true Russian painter. He opens a mysterious world, the name of which is "Russian Soul". The color of Aries is red, which means beautiful and heartfelt in Russian. The way of "The Russian Van Gogh" is difficult and tragic. These words of Van Gogh are close to him: "We, artists of modern society are only broken vessels."


New IAS Artists (July 29, 2007)

IAS is proud to announce new galleries for a few artists: Bruce Sanford Day (California), Vladimir Dolgov (The Russian Van Gogh), Abhilasha Singh (India), and PD Wilson (Rhode Island). We've been trying to add new artwork while burning three candles at both ends to keep everything running; We still have a ton of art to add for more artists and we will post it all as soon as we can.


International Art Store RSS News Feed
(April 10, 2007)

The International Art Store is now offering a newsfeed!

One Small Business RSS News FeedYou can subscribe to RSS news feeds to be notified subtly by your browser when there are new unread news feeds. RSS is a "really simple" way to get "syndicated" news without the hassle of checking in more than one place. When news is released, a number will appear next to your subscription indicating how many new articles have been posted since the last time you checked. I have been using RSS feeds for about two years to read specific news from specific sources, to be notified of new software releases, and I love the iTunes feed with new Music releases as soon as new albums are available.

If you are using Safari on a Mac, RSS will work flawlessly as it has for many years. Windows machines require a third-party aggregator or News Reader (like Google's News Reader) to view RSS feeds. If you use FireFox, there is a little 'subscribe' button in the bar above the page; click the little triangle (on the 'subscribe' button) to select a newsreader first, and then you can just click 'subscribe' to view any RSS news feed. You can also find this feed syndicated on Yahoo! and add it to your homepage.

Click here to view the International Art Store RSS News Feed


Abhilasha Singh from India
Our New Watercolour Artist (April 10, 2007)

There is a new IAS gallery open. Abhilasha Singh is a watercolour painter from India who won her first award at the age of two. Abhi has been painting ever since. You can check out her gallery by clicking the header above or just look her up in the IAS gallery.


New Premium Hosting Service (July 17, 2006)

The International Art Store has officially moved to a premium hosting service to allow bandwidth for the new gallery options that are under development. The solution is being developed in-house specifically for The Art Store. The IAS Gallery Engine is custom built from scratch and it combines power and elegance into a web interface that is easy to use.

All I can say right now is that there will be many ways to view and shop for fine art.

Beta Gallery Engines will be available for testing soon.


International Language Translations
(June 1, 2006)

The IAS web site is now available in world languages including:

English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian, Dutch, Portugese, Greek, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.

IAS is using the universal language translation software called Babelfish from Altavista (owned by Yahoo!). I have been using this translator extensively since it was developed. Babelfish offers a loose translation of any text or web page - but don't be surprised if it mixes some of the literal translations a double meaning.



New artists in the International Art Store Gallery:

Abhilasha Singh (India)

Nature Photographer Jeffrey Hansen

and Vladimir Dolgov (known as "The Russian Van Gogh")

Gayle Adams, Dragan Azdejkovic, Onnalee Graham, Julie Houck


More galleries that will be opening soon:

Gawlowski, & Alexandra Jicol




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